Player made adventures and scenarios.

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  • Business as Usual by Cmdr The Architect. A beginners adventure. With no ships and out of money the players are down on their luck. But a businesswoman needs some pilots to ship some harmless robot parts. Funny how it seems some of the most powerful people in the galaxy are after them too.
  • Freedom Sentence by Edelgard von Rhein. The players must contact an Emperor's Grace defector. One problem , he's holed up at a former prison colony, now a training camp for anarchists and criminals, but can they trust the defector to help them if they find him? Telling friend from foe is only the start.
  • The Children of Cathedral Part 1 by Cmdr The Architect. What happens when Gene Modding goes too far? What happens when those banned experiments are rediscovered. Can you discover the secret of Cathedral?
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