Personal armor, weapons, equipment, and anything else a player character may want to own.

Additional Arsenal by Daniel Alun Rowlands. Includes new Long Rifles, Machine Guns, Revolvers, PDW's and full descriptions.

Additional Arsenal - Extra's and re-balance by Cmdr Lazerus. Includes a lot of extra goodies including some Cyber and a rebalance of D.A Rowlands original work.

The Powerplay Weapons by Cmdr The Architect. The powerplay weapons, love them or hate them they can add a little flavour to your game so here are the homebrew variants.

Espionage Weapons by Cmdr The Architect.

Flamethrower by Cmdr The Architect. Because.. you know.. fire!

Back Pack Form Fillable Page by Cmdr Lazerus. Nothing fancy, just a pdf with a fillable table for all your loot.

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