Audio files and other media for use in game
Walker Drone v PBSF - Robin Smith

The PBSF v A Walker Drone - Robin Smith

Audio Files


Breathing in Spacesuit/Remlok Ambience mp3

Station Computer Federation Welcome mp3

Farewell from Engineer Outpost mp3


City Ambience mp3

City Rain mp3

Commercial Spaceport Ambience mp3

Busy Café/Diner Ambience mp3

Docking Port Ambience mp3

Science Station Ambience mp3

Station Ambience mp3


Ship Boost Away (Engines) mp3

Ship Comms Hail mp3

Ship Fuel Scooping mp3

Ship FSD Charging mp3

Ship FSD (Hyperspace) Jump mp3

Ship Heat Alarm mp3

Ship FSD (Hyperspace) Jump mp3

Ship Interdiction mp3

Ship Landing at Station mp3

Ship No Power Ambience mp3

Ship Silent Running Ambience mp3

Ship Takeoff from Station mp3

Ship 'Target Destroyed' comms mp3

Spaceship Ambience mp3

Taking off from Engineer Outpostmp3

Taking off from Station mp3


Mining Laser mp3

Video and Other Media

Fangs An online comic book.

The Dark Wheel The Novella that came with the original 1984 Elite game. By Robert Holdstock.

The Way Out A short story about life in the Empire, by Cmdr Scythan.

All That Glisters A short story by David Massey.

Cold Revenge A Sanctimonious Story by Cmdr Phoenix_DFire. Based on the anti-Thargoid CG (late 2017) in the video game.

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