Fuel Scooping Optional Rules  

The official Core Book rules allow for heat damage on a bad Fuel scoop but not the chance of an emergency drop out. Under the normal rules you take 2d10 Hull Damage on a failed Safe Scoop, 4d10 Hull Damage on a failed Emergency scoop. It doesn't allow the use of Heat Sinks, which currently are only used for Silent Running. So.. lets change things up a little.

OPTIONAL HOME RULE.  Firstly a ship can deploy a Heat Sink to reduce the damage by Half as an Equipment Action. (While this makes it a bit easier to survive, the following add back in the danger).  In addition to the hull damage you can decide that 3 random ship components take 1d10 damage each.

After a failed Fuel Scoop check the pilot must then also make a second check vs the same number to prevent them from performing an emergency drop too close to the star, and taking additional damage. (If you think this number is too high may I suggest halving the skill check.)

Heat damage close to the star will be 1d10 Hull points per round. It will take 1 full round for the FSD to cool down before you can spool up and escape on the second round. The Ship will therefore take another 2d10 heat damage before it is clear.

As above a Heat sink can be deployed to half the damage.

While the end result is about the same damage to the ship that occurs in the core rules, it makes Heat Sinks a more useful component and not just for silent running.

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