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Fuel Scooping Optional Rules by Cmdr The Architect

Canyon Running Rules (or Asteroids). Spidermind liked this one so much they put a link to our FB page for it. by Cmdr The Architect

EMP effects on Cyborgs by Wishblend

Ship Boarding Skill Checks by Cmdr The Architect

WIP Rebellions Unofficial Supplement by CMDR ARGHouse

Roll20 Macros

Vehicle Obstacle Table

by Cmdr Darth Funk

/w gm &{template:default}{{name=Vehicle Obstacle Table}}||{{1d10 roll=[[1d10]]}}||{{No Obstacles (1-7)}}||{{Rough Terrain (8-9)}}||{{Sudden Slope (10)}}

/w gm No Obstacles - Skip to action phase.
/w gm Rough Terrain: Have the pilot make a Vehicle Piloting check (adding the vehicle’s Agility) with a difficulty number equal to twice their vehicle’s current speed. (E.g. If the current speed is 5, the difficulty number is 10). On a success the player swerves aside and can then take an action. On a failure the player smashes through the rocks. The vehicle takes 5 damage per speed point it was travelling. Additionally the player cannot take an action this turn.
/w gm A Sudden Slope: is a steep hill or natural ramp that the player is forced, by circumstance, to drive over. If the vehicle is travelling at Speed 4 or less they can just drive over the slope without problems. At speed 5 or 6 have the player makes a Difficulty 8 Vehicle Piloting check (adding the vehicle’s Agility). On a success the player manages the slope well and comes bouncing back to earth with no problems. On a failure the player spends their turn sailing through the air, and although the vehicle lands safely the player cannot take an action this turn. If the player is travelling Speed 7 or faster they rocket up the slope high into the air. The player must desperately fire their vehicle’s thrusters to slow their descent, or take 5 damage upon impact (thank goodness for the low gravity.) The difficulty number is 12 and, succeed or fail, the player loses their action this turn

Chain Gun (Heavy Weapon)

by Cmdr Darth Funk

/w gm &{template:default}{{name=Chain Gun}}||{{Heavy Weapons Check=[[1d10+floor(@{HeavyWep}/10)-?{Opp. Defense?|0}]]}}||{{Short Range (30m)=[[5]]}}||{{Med. Range (60m)=[[8]]}}||{{Long Range (180m)=[[14]]}}||{{Base Hit=[[2d10]]}}||{{Base Hit+1=[[4d10]]}}||{{Base Hit+2=[[6d10]]}}||{{Base Hit+3=[[8d10]]}}
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