Spacecraft, including Mega- ships, Carriers as well as individual spaceships, fan created.

Elite Ships

The Missing Ships - Basic Stats

The Missing Ships - PDF Printable PDF version by Cmdr Lazerus

The Liners  by Cmdr Oblivious88

Ship 'shell' Prices How much the base cost of the ships are with ALL components stripped out and sold. By Cmdr Wishblend.

Adder Miner - Alternative Starting Ship loadout by Edelgard von Rhein

Eagle MkII Frontier Scout - Alt starting ship (Includes a Garriot Quadbike) by Edelgard von Rhein

Eagle MkII Smuggler - Alt starting ship by Cmdr The Architect

Krait MkII converted for EDRPG by Cmdr The Architect

Guardian Technology Printable PDF with Guardian Fighters, Modules and Weapons by Cmdr Lazerus

Rebalanced Shields Shield values on a Per-Ship Basis to improve the Space Balance for Shield-Heavy Ships.

Player made Ships

Name Details Made by
Balor Gunship Lakon Spaceways Medium Spacecraft Cmdr The Architect
Sirius Corp Buccaneer Sirius own version of the Eagle mkII. Small Fighter Cmdr The Architect
Kushin Multigun Kushin Shipyards Alliance Medium Spacecraft Cmdr The Architect
Caravel Medium Spacecraft Explorer by Gutamaya Cmdr The Architect
Gecko Small Spacecraft by Outworld Workshops CMDR "Jackal" Kreiss
Paladin Large Spacecraft by Core Dynamics CMDR "Jackal" Kreiss
Titan Huge Spacecraft by Lakon Spaceways CMDR "Jackal" Kreiss
Renegade Medium Spacecraft by Zorgon Peterson                CMDR "Jackal" Kreiss

Pre-Engineered Ships

Name                      Details                                                                    Made by        

Mamba Mk.II       Pirate Hot-Rod Mamba, Engineered for speed.      CMDR "Jackal" Kreiss 

Mongoose           Deadly but inflexible. Heavily engineered.              CMDR "Jackal" Kreiss

Type-9                 Tough, Angry mining ship. Slow but steady.            CMDR "Jackal" Kreiss
DB Scout             Slippery smuggler ship. Hard to catch.                   CMDR "Jackal" Kreiss

Ship Tactical Maps

Name Details Made by
Type 6 Transport Three decks (Upper, Main, Lower). Each with no grid, grid, and gm version showing rooms. CMDR AnubizRa

Ship Creation Resources

EDRPG Ship Sheets v5.1 by Cmdr Dicetimo. Basically the ones the Ambassadors used at Elitemeet. Form fillable.

ValiantOne's Ship Data Cheat Sheet

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